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Greg Sanders


greg sanders Greg Sanders

Lab technician Greg Sanders is the junior member of the Las Vegas CSI team. Several seasons he’s trapped inside his lab, where he proves great ability and a sharp mind, but flirts with trouble when his playful ‘puerile’ side risks clashing in word or deed with Grissom’s dry precision, or tempts him to engage in friendly rivalry with the other sleuths, especially fellow young men Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown. At least he is allowed, on a part time basis, to join the on the field, collecting evidence instead of always only having to analyze it.

In later seasons Greg took the field test and officially became a field man, he is no longer in his lab. He has proved to be a very insightful CSI and has been beneficial to the team. Although, like in the lab, he still has a knack for getting himself in trouble, in one episode entitles Fannysmackin he gets himself into quite a bit of trouble by trying to stop the beating of a man and ends up getting severely beaten himself. During this he accidentally hit one of the people doing the beatings and killed him. Greg eventually (though a few episodes time) got out of the trouble he was in and got back to a normal routine.

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