Nick Stokes


Was born into the family of a judge and a lawyer in Dallas, Texas on August 18, 1971. The youngest of seven siblings, Nick stood out through academic and athletic merit. On leaving Texas A&M University he joined the police department, then took a job with the Dallas Crime Lab, specializing in hair and fiber analysis. However, he couldn’t shine in the shadow of his parents, so Nick decided to join the Las Vegas Department of Police. In Vegas he found that he could be his own man, and still be part of a high-achieving team. Clean-cut Nick Stokes was initially shocked by the freewheeling culture of Las Vegas when he signed up with the LVPD in 1997. A straight arrow in a city of one-armed bandits, Nick was challenged by the cunning criminals of the Sin City streets. Himself a victim of crimes ranging from grand theft auto to kidnapping, Nick’s intelligence and strength of character has seen him through. As a man who has experienced crime firsthand, Nick has a special empathy for victims and survivors. He doesn’t just see the corpses at crime scenes; he sees human beings that deserve compassion. But coming from a family of lawyers, he knows that he must emotionally remain detached to see that justice is done. In addition to being an accomplished forensic scientist and dedicated crime-fighter, Nick Stokes is known to be an astute observer of the world outside of the lab. His finely tuned instinct for interpreting human behavior has assisted him in solving many baffling cases. Nick’s patience and attention to detail serves him well as a CSI.

Nick Stokes

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Boom: Nick falls for Kristy Hopkins, a hooker with a heart of gold. The romance ends when she is found murdered. Nick is the prime suspect until the evidence implicates her pimp was her murderer.

Overload: Nick nearly flies off the handle when a therapist becomes a suspect in a case concerning a young boy who was with her while wearing nothing but his underwear. Before things get out of hand Catherine tries to reign him in, when he confesses that he was sexually assaulted (to an unknown degree) by a babysitter when he was nine years old. (view video lower on the page)

Stalker: “Crime Stopper” Nick is stalked and tossed out a window by Nigel Crane. He suffers from a sprained wrist, 2 broken ribs, a concussion, and 5 stitches to the forehead. Nigel Crane then goes to Nick’s house and almost shoots himself. “I am one, who am I”

Organ Grinder: After a victim is cremated, the only way to find out if he was poisoned would be to test one of his remaining organs, unfortunately, the organ they need has already been donated. Nick requests that they be able to get the organ back until after speaking with the patient who received it. As soon as he gets back to the lab he tells Grissom that he wants the offer retracted and that no investigation into the dead is worth hurting the living.

Eleven Angry Jurors: Nick revisits a case he and Grissom worked years earlier. Grissom closed the case and the then CSI I Nick felt they should have dug deeper. After Nick pieces the evidence together and solving the case, Grissom asks Nick if he thought Grissom closed the case too early. Nick stands his grounds, tells Grissom that he would fight him if circumstances warrant it, and that despite what others might think, Nick will always sympathize with the victims. He doesn’t need anyone’s approval. Grissom then recommends him for the promotion to Lead CSI.

Grave Danger: Nick is kidnapped and buried alive by a man seeking revenge for his incarcerated daughter. He must then struggle to stay calm and wait for the team to find him. After using his gun to shoot out a light that was cutting off his air supply he then had to bear being eaten alive by a swarm of fire ants. All the while he was forced to struggle with ending his own life. Just before the team reached him he began hallucinating as his oxygen ran out, and he nearly shot himself before the team reached him. An undetermined amount of time later, he went to visit Kelly Gordon, the daughter of the man who abducted him, and tried to convince her to start over once she was out of prison by not taking it with her.

Gum Drops: The only CSI on scene to believe Cassie was still alive and leaving them a trail in gum to follow. Despite the warnings from Sara, he not only found Cassie, he found her alive. He never gave up on her. Many times throughout this episode we heard Cassie speaking, but it was unclear whether he heard them.

Daddy’s Little Girl: During an investigation into an accountant, Nick discovers the woman had ties with Walter Gordon, the man that abducted him. Through the investigation he discovered that the accountant had helped Gordon plan his ransom, and had been involved in his kidnapping. Once the evidence leads them to Kelly Gordon, he arrives just in time to see her OD on pills.

Fannysmackin’: Nick crosses the line with a suspect and earns a reprimand from Warrick.

Dead Doll: He took Sara’s deadly situation as seriously as Grissom. Sara means a lot to him.

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