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Jorja Fox Returns to CSI

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The CSI cat was let out of the spoiler bag weeks ago:

Jorja Fox will reprise her role as Sara Sidle for at least five episodes this fall.

CBS has released a few photos from the drama’s September 24 premiere. Below, get your first look at Sidle back on the scene, including her introduction to the new man in charge, Dr. Raymond Langston:

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Announced via CBS’ Twitter is a major crossover between “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its spin offs. Laurence Fishburne’s Dr. Raymond Langston will be the character from the original series who will make a visit to “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: NY“. No word on other characters.

The crossover is scheduled to take over within 1 week this Fall, but it is still unknown in which week it will take place. “Miami” will be the first to premiere, entering the eighth season on Monday, September 21. It is followed by the sixth season premiere of “NY” on Wednesday, September 23 and the tenth season of “CSI” on Thursday, September 24.

Langston is the character brought in to the Las Vegas version to anticipate the loss of William Petersen’s Gil Grissom. The transition was not so much a success but the network is making some changes that hopefully will be better appreciated. Jorja Fox is invited back to the show to reprise her role as Sara Sidle.

Another plan is to change the wardrobe of Langston. If previously he was seen in suits with his glasses on, the character will lose it all in future episodes. “I think what you’re looking for is wardrobe that reflected him being more comfortable in his environment,” CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said. “I mean, he came as an outsider coming in, so his clothes – you know, he was in suits, he was a little stiff, he wore his glasses.”

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Lauren Lee Smith: Leaving CSI

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As one star returns to CSI, another is leaving the lab. Producer Naren Shankar told TV Guide Magazine that Lauren Lee Smith won’t return as the character of Riley Adams in the fall.

“She’s not going to be back for Season 10,” he said. “It was an issue of how we were feeling the ensemble was working. When we brought in the character of Riley, it got lost in the shuffle a little bit because we had lost Warrick, we had lost Sara, and then in the middle of last season Grissom finally left. I think, as a result, the character never quite found its footing in terms of the rest of the gang.”

As the result of Riley’s exit, a slot will be open for Sara Sidle (Fox), who is now ready to return to work after her burnout in season eight.

“She shows up because the team is understaffed,” said Shankar. “The undersheriff reaches out for a recommendation and Sara says, ‘I think that person might be me.'”

Sidle will appear on at least five episodes, and Shankar assures fans that the character wll be featured prominently during this time.

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CSI to Welcome Back Millander Clan Members

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We already know that Jorja Fox will appear on the new season of CSI. What show spoilers could possibly top that news?

According to executive producer Carol Mendelsohn, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello, CSI will be bringing back members of the dangerous Millander clan in episode two.

“The last time we saw [serial killer] Paul Millander was in season 2 when Grissom had dinner at [his alter ego] Judge Mason’s house, because, if you remember Paul lived a double life as a judge,” she said. “And we met Mrs. Mason and their young son, Craig. Well, Paul’s dead, but Mrs. Mason and Craig live on. And we will see them in episode 2.”

As for upcoming CSI storylines:

  • Viewers will receive an explanation for the ring Langston has on his finger;
  • There will be a new, season-long serial killer arc.


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Jorja Fox: Returning to CSI

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Jorja Fox left CSI at the end of 2007-08 season. But fans of this wildly-popular drama can look forward to the reemergence of Sara Sidle this fall. Multiple sources confirm that Fox will appear in the Season 10 premiere, along with a few additional episodes.

“We’re thrilled for Jorja’s return,” CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told The Associated Press, adding that viewers will “discover where life has taken Sara Sidle and what brings her back to the CSI team in Las Vegas.”

CSI returns to the air on September 24.

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Sara Sidle

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CSI Level : III
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 107 lbs
Place of Birth: Tamales Bay, California
Date of Birth: 9/16/71
Education: B.S. in Physics, Harvard
Special Skills: Materials and element analysis
Marital Status: Single

Attended graduate school in theoretical physics. Worked in the San Francisco coroner’s office for five years, then transferred to the San Francisco crime lab before being contracted by Gil Grissom to come to Las Vegas.

Sara was born and raised an hour and a half outside of San Francisco on Tamales Bay. An only child of ex-hippies running a B and B, Sara always needed a bigger stage. Everything about her as a child was outsized. Her intelligence, her energy, her curiosity. And unlike her parents, Sara always maintained perfect self-discipline. Growing up, the roles were reversed for Sara and her parents. They kept telling her to take it easy, and she kept coming up with business models for how they could take their B and B public and then franchise the brand. Sara was pretty much all or nothing in high school, and as talented as she was, grace didn’t come with the package. The other kids resented her, and she did nothing to ease the resentment. Sara was a perfect example of why great athletes make rotten coaches. Things come so easy to them, they can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t perform to their level. At eighteen, Sara found a place where she could be at home. She went to Harvard and enjoyed four of the best years of her life. She took as many classes as she could. She went to as many parties as she could. And she finally dated. Not well, but at least she tried. Like any tragic figure worth their salt, Sara has a single flaw: people. She can solve any problem except for the problem of other people and how she’s supposed to relate to them. So she hides in the job. She pursues her career rigorously, perhaps more so than any of the other CSIs. Partly because she’s still rebelling against her parents’ “lax” approach to social obligations, and partly because she’s afraid of what she’d find out about herself if she ever slowed down.

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George Eads Biography

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Name : George Eads

Date of birth :
1 March 1967

Place of birth :
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Birth name :
George Coleman Eads III

Height :
5′ 11 

George Eads Trivia:

  • Graduated from Belton High School in Belton, TX in 1985.
  • Texas Tech University graduate of 1990
  • When he arrived in Los Angeles, he could only drive during the day because the truck he borrowed from his step dad had two broken headlights (after landing his role on Savannah, Eads bought a new truck).
  • Used to work as a copy machine salesman.
  • He is an alumni of the same fraternity of Survivor: The Australian Outback runner up, Colby Donaldson. Colby entered after George graduated from Texas Tech in 1990.
  • He is a member of Phi Delta Theta’s Texas Epsilon Chapter, Texas Tech University.
  • Along with Jorja Fox, fired in July 2004 from the hit TV crime show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000) after reportedly failing to show up for work in what appeared to be a hold-out for more money. The network had only upped his salary from $100,000 to $120,000 per episode. Eads immediately issued a public apology, stating that it had nothing to do with money and he simply overslept. After a few days the network decided to rehire him.
  • Father is a retired DA named Arthur Coleman “Cappy” Eads
  • Mother’s name is Vivian Baker, Superintendent of Belton Schools.
  • Sister is Angela Eads Tekell who is a Lawyer in Waco with husband, David.
  • Stepfather is Dudley Baker, a GYN Doctor. He is Vice President of the Texas Gynecological Society
  • Is part owner of the Hollywood eatery “CineSpace”. It’s a “Dinner and a Movie” place
  • When he started in CSI, the scenery of corpses etc. gave him recurring nightmares. In one of them, George has told, there’s just blood spattering -no screams and huge block letters spelling DOA.
  • He has two nephews named Marshall and Coleman
  • Broke his thumb while filming Evel Knievel. Monica Casey was his nurse.
  • He has two Harley Davidsons, a Porche 911 and a silver Cadillac Escalade
  • Used to work in a gym cleaning machines and putting free weights back.
  • Has a yellow labrador retriever named Maverick.
  • Owns High Rise Apartments on Cloverfield Blvd in Santa Monica.
  • He moved to Santa Monica after fires in California in October of 2003.
  • Monica Casey, with whom he attended some award ceremonies this year, is a Registered Nurse from Toronto.


 George Eads Detailed Biography:

George Eads was born – said to be on March the 1st and raised in Waco, Texas. The son of a lawyer and a mother who’s a school principal, he was brought up in Texas.

At Belton High School, he was an avid athlete who excelled in football and basketball. He acted in a few plays, but football was his life. Subsequently, he graduated from Belton High School in Belton, TX in 1985 and finished a marketing degree in Texas Tech University in 1990. It was during his college years at Texas Tech that he began to think about pursuing an acting career. “I mentioned it to my mother one day while I was in college, and she said she thought it was a pretty good idea,” he says. “I was close to finishing school, so she wanted me to complete that so I would have something to fall back on.”

George Eads’ immense fondness for playing “make-believe” while growing up should have been a good indication that he would not end up with a career in sales, as was his initial intention.

When an opportunity to teach drama presented itself at a local middle school, Eads jumped at it. He supposedly studied in an Acting School called KD Studio! Honing his acting skills and studies, first in Texas, Eads eventually made the move to Los Angeles with the money he saved doing commercial work.

Right now, at 33, his career is finally starting to take off with the success of CSI. Eads’ television movie credits include The Spring, Broken Crown, and The Ultimate Lie. He has appeared as a guest star in Strange Luck, as well as multiple episodes of ER and starred in the drama Savannah.

Eads’ feature film credits include Only in America and Dust to Dust.

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William Petersen

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Full name : William Louis Petersen
People call him : Billy or Bill
Birthdate : Feb. 21, 1953
Birthplace : Evanston, Illinois
Eye color : Blue
Height : 5’11”
Marital Status : Married to Gina Cirone, June 14, 2003
Children : Maite, born in 1975
Current residence : Los Angeles, California

Favorite residence : Chicago, Illinois ” Chicago is such a blue-collar, middle-American city, it’s just real people, you know? Nobody has an agenda that fits into yours. I get recognized and stuff but they don’t give a shit about that. They just want to know whether or not you’re going to buy them a beer.” – William Petersen

What is he like? : According to some who know him, he can be enigmatic and enjoys his solitude, but he is also well-liked with a generous, charming and magnanimous personality. Owning an adventurous spirit and sharp intellect, he is prone to restlessness and by his own admission, easily bored. He is an excellent horseman, experienced fisherman and avid sports fan, who is especially passionate about Chicago sports.

What some people he’s worked with have to say :

“It’s a dream and a joy to work with William Petersen. He is funny, he is very smart, and he is wild!” ” William Petersen is maybe one of my all time heroes.” Jorja Fox

“Billy is very enigmatic. One day you think you know him, then the next day you realize you don’t.” Marg Helgenberger

“I add things (to scenes), so does everybody. We get it from Billy. Billy is the king of adding things to scenes. He’s a great guy.”
George Eads.

Curt Columbus (Artist Director of Theatre on the Lake) recalls a time when he saw William Petersen, who already had gotten his big break in movies, hanging lights at the old Organic space in the 1980s. Columbus was impressed with Petersen’s lack of ego and commitment to the work at hand. “I thought, if Bill Petersen can hang lights, who am I to think I’m above doing that?,” he points out. “I tell my students, don’t say no to anything that’s reasonable. Even terrible projects are a learning experience.”

“He’s friendly, serious, and very balanced. He cares – alot.” Karen Silas, co-star in The Beast


William Petersen is the youngest of 6 children born to 4th generation Danish immigrant furniture retailers. His parents owned a furniture store in Evanston. It was never really expected he would continue in the family business, as he says his father never really held out much hope he could ever hold down a job. He was so much younger than his siblings, he grew up nearly as an only child. He was an excellent athlete who played football, baseball and basketball in high school. He was an admittedly poor student with little interest in school. Possessing a gypsy soul, he moved to Boise Idaho when he was 15 to live with his brother. There he attented Bishop Kelly High School, a Catholic school, where he graduated in 1972. That is also where he met his first wife, Joanne. His energy not yet focused, he was a fairly wild young man who was into rock concerts, drinking and the usual pot smoking. “General brattiness” as he called it.

After graduating from high school, he attended Idaho State University in nearby Pocatello in hopes of winning a football scholarship. His grades were too low to allow him to play, so they put him in the theater department in some stagecraft classes to try and raise his grade point average. It was a date with destiny, as he fell in love with the theater. (lucky us!) He and Joanne followed a favorite professor to Spain, where they started a Shakespeare company in the Basque region. They married, and their daughter Maite was born later that year. (His unsettled lifestyle was hard on Joanne, and they divorced four years later. They remain friends to this day)

The tiny family moved back to Idaho, where Billy went from job to job, including some logging work. He acted in plays at night at local colleges. Broke, the family packed up and moved back to Evanston, where they lived with his parents for a while. Burning with desire to be an actor, he pursued roles in the blossoming Chicago theater scene. He gained his Actor’s Equity card in 1979 at the Victory Gardens Theater in the title roll of Dillinger. He realized the best way to get cast in a play was to start his own theater company. (He hates auditioning) Billy and some friends, including long time associate and friend Cindy Chvatal and fellow actor Gary Cole, founded the Remains Theater Company, where he not only acted, but was Artistic Director for many years. After financial difficulties and the death of Co-Artistic director Larry Sloan, the company was disbanded in 1995.

The small company produced experimental pieces that soon began to attract attention in Chicago theater circles. The Remains Theater was well on it’s way to legendary status and Billy on his way to the very top of the theater world in Chicago. His Joseph Jefferson award for best actor for his portrayal of Jack Henry Abbott in Belly of the Beast: Letters From Prison, sealed his status. The Chicago theater scene at that time was bold, fresh, exciting and bursting with extraordinarily talented writers, actors and directors. Billy not only acted with Remains, but also the Wisdom Bridge, Goodman, Organic and the famed Steppenwolf. His talent also began to attract Hollywood. He was appearing in a Streetcar Named Desire at the Stratford Festival in Ontario Canada, where William Friedkin saw him and asked him to read for a new movie he was making called To Live and Die in LA. Billy read two lines and that was enough for Friedkin, who cast him immediately.

Posessing great talent, a charismatic personality, and boyish good looks, movie stardom was predicted for him, but never happened. This is partially due to the fact that To Live and Die in LA and Manhunter did poorly at the box office (they are both cult hits now), and partially due to the fact that theater is his first love and he has always preferred to do projects that speak to him artistically instead of commercially. He wanted to be an actor, not a star. Hollywood has alway come to him, not the other way around. He and Cindy formed their own film company, called High Horse Films in 1990. Their first project was a movie titled Hard Promises, also starring Sissy Spacek. He has appeared in many theatrical and made for television movies, as well as dozens of plays through out his ecletic career, making him recognizable to some, but it wasn’t until he was cast as Gil Grissom in the smash television hit CSI that he became recognizable to millions. Staying true to his personality, he is not only the star of the show, but a producer as well.

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Marg Helgenberger

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Name: Mary Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows)
Birthday: November 16, 1958
Birthplace: North Bend, Fremont, Nebraska

Where she lives now: Santa Monica, California

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches tall

Fan forum: // We Support Catherine Willows! // CSI Files: Marg/Catherine ~ Totally Thud Worthy

Fan clubs:
Theseever are closed for right now.
Fan sites:,



  • Husband: Actor Alan Rosenberg (married September 9, 1989, who has a semi-recurring role as lawyer Adam Novak on the show)
  • Son: Hugh Howard, born on October 21, 1990
  • Pet: a dog named Momo (deceased)
  • In laws: Mark Rosenberg, Paula Wienstien
  • Niece: Hannah Rosenberg
  • Father: Hugh Helgenberger
  • Mother: Kay Snyder
  • Brother: Curt Helgenberger
  • Sister: Ann Helgenberger

Memorable Quotes (on/off the set):
“This is the best day job I’ve ever had. What’s even more exciting is that when a show goes to the top, you become a part of the pop culture landscape. Your character becomes an icon, a role model. It is very special to me that women of all ages find me inspiring, because I play someone strong and smart who doesn’t have to squander her femininity in the workplace.” when asked about her role as Catherine Willows on CSI, Midwest Today Magazine

“I’m more willing to sit back and let things come to me, but this business is too competitive, and one has got to be more aggressive and go for things. Those are the ones that succeed. Talent is such a small fraction of what makes a successful movie star, because it’s so much about other things: drive and passion in whatever you want to be.” -interview from

“I’m relatively squeamish in civilian life. I’ve been very fortunate not to have to deal with such things in my immediate family. When we’re filming autopsy scenes, I actually feel sad. Behind each of these death’s there’s usually a back story of unhappiness and loss. We use a guidebook the Las Vegas police put together that’s incredibly graphic. Looking at the pictures can make me turn white. If I’m going over the script at home, my husband will ask, ‘Are you all right?'” -Marg on Parade magazine, when asked about the squeamish scenes on CSI

“Once I come home, I need to compensate, or overcompensate, for the time I’ve spent away. But then again, I’m Catholic.” She laughs. “I draw guilt out of the air.” -More Magazine October 2007 Interview, when asked about how she balances her family life and busy career.

“Catherine’s relationship with Grissom: somebody described this to me, they have this incredible chemistry without them doing it.-Five US video Interview, December, 2006

“I either play cops or criminals – I’m either on the right side of the law or the wrong side. I gravitate toward edgier material because it suits my nature. I find it fascinating to play. I’m just that kind of person.-From interview

About Madonna: “Life will always be good as long as Madonna is around. I don’t think of her as a guilty pleasure anymore – she’s an outright pleasure” -In Style magazine, Sept. 2006.


What her colleagues say about her:
“I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. And really talented.” -Alan Rosenberg

“The sexiest redhead on television.” -Gary Dourdan, People Magazine


“She’s got just the right blend of hormones.”

-William Petersen on ESPN radio

“She’s great with the crew, she makes everybody feel comfortable. There’s no diva thing going on…
the best thing about Marg is that she gets all my jokes, so of course I am completely endeared to her.” – William Petersen, A&E Biography Interview


“Marg is one of the strongest and toughest women I’ve ever met… She’s a badass.” -Jorja Fox on Playboy magazine


“Marg! Marg is awesome. I love her, I love being around her.” -George Eads, when asked who is his favorite person to
work with on CSI, Yahoo interview

“She’s drop-dead gorgeous, and she’s got something going on underneath. She’s got a bit of the devil inside her. She’s a rock-and-roll chick from the Midwest, with a ribald sense of humor. She cracked me up the whole time we were shooting.” -Liev Schreiber, MORE magazine, October 2007

“She has a kinda punk thing to her, a rock ‘n roll edge. But she’s really a family girl.” -Dana Delany, China Beach co-star

“She’a a real, organic and genuine person” – Gary Dourdan, Lifetime Intimate Portrait Interview

” I have always been a huge fan of Marg’s. And really like working with her. It seems like a lot of the fans have picked up on our chemistry together. And that puts a big ole’ smile on my face. Played in a golf tournament/breast cancer fund raiser she hosts with her hubby Alan Rosenberg (the current SAG president) up in Omaha. It was a great experience. Met her mom. ANDDDD – my team came in second place! Rock on!” -CSI co-star Gerald McCullough, 2006 AOL Elyse CSI site interview

When she’s not acting:

  • When she comes home from the set of CSI she plunges into homework and housework and gets involved with her son Hughie’s school activities.
  • Marg has been actively involved with the fight against breast cancer and other charities for several years now.
  • Teamed up with “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” for a PSA campaign that encourages women to show their strength in numbers at the polls.

Before she was a star:

  • She once had a job as a weather girl at a TV station in Nebraska, and her name was shortened to Margie McCarty. (McCarty is her grandmother’s last name)
  • Marg played the french horn in her high school (North Bend Central High School) marching band.
  • Marg can also play the piano.
  • Started working in the soybean fields at the age of 11
  • Worked part-time in a meat packing plant while a teenager.

Fascinating facts:

Marg loves the song “Babylon Sisters” by Steely Dan for the lyrics “Drive west on sunset to the sea” which she and her husband Alan did on their first date.

  • She’s the object of adoration of Buddy in Mark Heath’s “Spot the Frog” comic strip.
  • Was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People and

Esquire magazine’s Women We Love in 2002

  • Is number 4 on TV Guide Magazine’s Sexiest Stars on TV for 2007.
  • Marg is #41 on Entertainment Weekly’s “The EW 100 Stars We Love Right Now” in summer 2007.
  • In 2008 Marg joined the ranks of the celebrities who sported the famousmilk mustache, as she was chosen as an endorser of the Got Milk? campaign.
  • Local officials of North Bend Nebraska renamed Locust Street into Helgenberger Avenue when the actress went home to celebrate the little town’s 105th anniversary in the summer of 2006.
  • Six years before CSI, she and Gary Dourdan starred together in a TV movie called Keys (1994).
  • CSI co-star Gary Dourdan‘s nickname for Marg is “Margalicious“.
  • During breaks on the CSI set, Marg and her co-stars Jorja Fox, Gary Dourdan and Robert David Hall jam together and play different musical instruments.
  • Marg is known for throwing great parties.
  • Her Hollywood home once belonged to silent movie star William S. Hart
  • Middle of 3 children. Her older sister is Ann Helgenberger (jazz musician) and her younger brother is Curt Helgenberger (a meat inspector).
  • She was a huge fan of the TV show Mission: Impossible when she was young.
  • Her mother, Kay, is an Irish American and her father, Hugh, was a German American.
  • Meet husband Alan in 1984 and they started dating in 1986.
  • Daughter of Hugh Helgenberger, who was a meat inspector, and Kay Helgenberger, who was a nurse. Marg originally wanted to be a nurse like her mother.
  • Sister-in-law of Mark Rosenberg and Paula Weinstein.
  • In her personal life, Helgenberger is the daughter of a cancer survivor and is very active in supporting research for breast cancer.
  • Her birth name is Mary Marg Helgenberger.

Notable credits:

She got her start on the daytime drama Ryan’s Hope in the early ’80s after being discovered in the acting program at Northwestern University.





  • Recurring guest role on ER as Karen Hines, Doug’s (George Clooney) love interest
  • China Beach as KC Koloski
  • Guest star in Frasier, as Emily
  • Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder as Patsy Ramsey
  • Mini-Series: “The Tommyknockers
  • Partners as Eve Darrin
  • Shell Game as Nathalie Thayer
  • Starred in In Sickness and in Health, a 1992 made for TV movie
  • Played as Ellen Farris in the 1999 made for TV movie Lethal Vows
  • Appeared in the made for TV movie Happy Face Murders. She played Jen Powell.
  • She co-starred with her husband, Alan Rosenberg in the 1998 made for TV movie Giving Up the Ghost.
  • Portrayed the character Jerrilynn Folz in the 1998 made for TV movie Thanks of a Grateful Nation
  • Starred in the 1997 made for TV movie Murder Live! as Pia Postman
  • Played Vanessa Meyer Vernon Scott in Where Are My Children? a made for TV movie based on a real life story
  • Kate Nessen in the made for TV movie Lie Down with Lions.
  • Mini-Series: When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn, as Debbie Banister
  • Played Georgeanne Bidwell in the made for TV movie Partners
  • TV movie: Through the Eyes of a Killer as Laurie Fisher
  • Starred in Death Dreams a made for TV movie
  • Played Virginia Whitelaw in the made for TV movie Blind Vengence
  • Portrayed the character Laura Norwood in Matlock
  • Starred opposite Gary Dourdan in Keys, a TV movie
  • Co-starred with David Caruso (from CSI Miami) in Gold Coast in 1997. She played Karen DiCilia
  • Co-stared with Jimmy Smits in “The Tommyknockers” in 1993. Based on a novel by Stephen King.



  • Alongside Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich (played Donna Jensen, the mother of two children who were poisoned by the PGE pollution.)
  • Starred opposite Dennis Quaid and Scarlett Johansson in In Good Company (as Ann Foreman, Dennis Quaid’s wife)
  • Species and Species II (as Doctor Laura Baker, one of the more human scientists in the alien breeding program)
  • Played the character Capt. Alison Sinclair in the 1995 action movie Bad Boys, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
  • Starred opposite Steven Segal in the 1997 movie Fire Down Below, as Sarah Kellogg.
  • Played the role of Jennetta in the drama Crooked Hearts starring Peter Berg, Vincent D’Onofrio, Noah Wyle and Joshua Jackson.
  • Plays Emma, the wife of Kevin Costner in Mr. Brooks, a crime suspense thriller released June of 2007. The movie also features William Hurt, Demi Moore and Dane Cook.
  • Alongside Val Kilmer and Wilmer Valderrama in Columbus Day, an indie crime drama film directed by Charles Burmeister. Val Kilmer plays a thief who has just one morning to fix what has gone awry in the biggest heist of his life, all while attempting to repair his relationship with his ex-wife played by Marg. The film is set to be released in 2008.



  • Received 3 Golden Globe nominations so far, and 6 wins and 10 nominations in various award giving bodies
  • Two Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations for her role as Catherine Willows
  • Winner, People’s Choice Awards Favorite Female Television Star, for her role on CSI as Catherine Willows, 2005
  • Won an Emmy for her role in China Beach, 1993
  • Nominee, International Press Academy’s Satellite Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Series, Drama for her role as Catherine Willows, 2002

William Petersen

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William Petersen
Gil Grissom

Birthday: Feb. 21, 1953

Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois

Where he grew up:
Evanston and Idaho

Where he lives now:

Los Angeles

Married to Gina Cirone, June 14, 2003
Daughter: Maite (born 1975).
Grandson: Mazrik William (born October 2003).

5 feet, 10 inches


Bruno the dog

William Petersen’s bio:
William Petersen television credits include the films “Long Gone,” “The Rat Pack,” “The Kennedys of Massachusetts,” which won a Golden Globe Award, “The Beast” and “Keep the Change.” Petersen also serves as executive producer on CSI and was nominated in 2003 for a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of Gil Grissom, the lead investigator.

His feature film credits include “To Live and Die in L.A.,” “Manhunter,” “Cousins,” “Young Guns II,” “Fear,” “Hard Promises,” which he also produced, and “The Contender.”

Petersen made his Broadway debut in a revival of Tennessee Williams’ “The Night of the Iguana.” In 1979, he founded the Remains Theater Ensemble in Chicago with a group of fellow actors. He has appeared in a number of regional stage productions, including “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “The Time of Your Life,” “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Fool for Love” and “Speed-the-Plow.”

Petersen discovered acting while on a football scholarship at Idaho State University. He later studied acting in Spain.

He lives in Los Angeles.

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