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CSI will be down one lab rat when the show returns next fall.

A CBS rep declined to comment, but a source close to the long-running procedural confirms that Liz Vassey’s (Wendy) contract option has not been picked up.

“The show is going in a different creative direction in its 11th season,” says the insider.
News of Vassey’s departure comes as several of her co-stars are negotiating new contracts. Might this be a precursor to a larger cast shake-up? That’s a rhetorical query. I honestly don’t know if anyone else is leaving. But an investigation has been launched and I’ll hopefully have answers soon.

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Watch Promotional Photos of CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19 World’s End

040210 1033 CSILasVegas1 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos040210 1033 CSILasVegas2 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos040210 1033 CSILasVegas3 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos040210 1033 CSILasVegas4 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos040210 1033 CSILasVegas5 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos040210 1033 CSILasVegas6 CSI: Las Vegas Season 10 Episode 19   Worlds End   Promotional Photos

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Watch CSI TV Show Online

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CSI TV Show (Crime Scene Investigation) is an innovative, fast-paced drama that follows a crew of forensic investigators as they solve crimes by analyzing evidence with advanced forensic tools. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which first aired on October 6, 2000, could be described as “Quincy for the 21st century.” Set in Las Vegas, the weekly, 60-minute series focused on the activities of that city’s Crime Scene Investigations Bureau. Working the overnight shift, the principal characters deployed state-of-the-art forensic technology to solve unsolvable crimes. Whenever scientific analysis failed, however, the lab’s “criminalists” relied upon good, old-fashioned logic — logical to them, if not to their superiors. So efficient was the CSI team that it was rated the number two such crime lab in America. The series’ main protagonist was Gil Grissom (William L. Petersen), once the youngest coroner in the history of the L.A. police department, who after 15 years with the Vegas PD, was put in charge of the crime lab when its former skipper, the mercurial Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), was transferred back to the homicide division.

131550  csi l Watch CSI TV Show Online

The crew is headed by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), the senior investigator devoted to find the truth through the latest forensic methods combined with old-fashioned research and intuition. Alongside Gil is Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), a single mother struggling to balance her home life with the rigors of her demanding job; Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), whose knowledge of the gambling world helps the Las Vegas based crew; Nick Stokes (George Eads), a self-proclaimed ladies man with an objective to find the wrong-doers; and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), the newest, outspoken member who often lets her troubled past get in the way of her job. The crew works along side Captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle), the former head of the graveyard shift turned captain; Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda), a quirky lab tech working to be part of the CSI crew; and medical examiner Dr. Robbins (Robert David Hall).

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Trivia for CSI

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  • Under the glass top of Grissom’s desk is a photo of the series’ executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
  • All the equipment in the lab is fully functional, and was either purchased outright, or donated/loaned to the show for product placement.
  • The original name of William Petersen’s character was Gil Scheinbaum. He changed it to Gil Grissom because of his admiration for astronaut Gus Grissom.
  • The extreme popularity of this TV series was credited for a large surge of applications for courses in forensic science.
  • Grissom, et. al. use the Nikon F5 fitted with a multi-control back for photographing crime scene elements. As of the 5th season, this is no longer true. Most have different cameras: e.g. Warrick uses either a Nikon D70 or Nikon D100.
  • When asked about a possible CSI feature film, creator Anthony E. Zuiker said he’d like to wait until after the 30th season to make it.
  • The choice to place this series in Las Vegas was not random. Among US crime labs, Las Vegas is the second most active, surpassed only by the FBI lab at Quantico, Virginia.
  • Before it was acquired by CBS, the show was first offered to ABC in 1999, but was rejected as “too confusing for the average viewer”.
  • David Berman, who plays assistant coroner David Phillips, is also a head researcher for the show.
  • A scene featuring Willows and Stokes making out was filmed for the first season, but was not aired.
  • There were rumors of a fourth CSI series, to be set in London and using “Eminence Front” as its theme tune, but the show never materialized and there are not presently any plans for such a spin-off.
  • You often hear the characters referring to a four-nineteen (4-19,4/19, etc.) or sometimes a 4-45. These are the Las Vegas Metro 400 Event codes. The often-used 419 stands for “deceased person”, while the less-used 445 is “explosive device threat”.
  • The show utilizes a wide array of tactical flashlights; the most often-used light is the Surefire M4 Devastator.
  • Grissom and Catherine are loosely based on real-life LVMPD criminalists Daniel Holstein and Yolanda McCrery.
  • While the majority of the techniques and technologies used in the show are accurate and true to reality, the writers and crew readily admit that they “time cheat”. Tests that take seconds in the show often take days or even weeks in real life.
  • Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Jorja Fox have all appeared on “ER” (1994), but not in the same episodes.
  • In response to a TV Guide interview that revealed Jorja Fox may leave CSI, fans began a “Dollar for Sense” campaign and sent over 2,000 dollar bills to CBS. The campaign also included three banner flyovers of CBS in Los Angeles, and flowers for her every day for a week.
  • In July 2004, co-stars George Eads and Jorja Fox were fired (by direct order of CBS head Leslie Moonves) for breach of contract. CBS said that they were using delay tactics (refusing to show up for shooting) to force a pay raise at the beginning of the fifth season. They were soon rehired, but without a raise. They both denied that there was any contract dispute–Eads says he just overslept on the first day of production, and Fox said she didn’t know about the letter of intent she reportedly failed to sign.
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CSI season 8 finale-For Gedda

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Oops!!! Missed that, don’t worry as here’s my in-depth review on CSI season 8 finale – For Gedda which will let you go through what happened on finale episode:-

seventh season CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

Episode opens with mourners gathered at a funeral which comes to a shocking halt when the coffin reveals not one but two dead bodies. Second man is Leonard Hayner, a former cop. When Warrick recognizes the man, got shocked, this was so natural.

Lou Gedda, a mob with Warrick has matted in past and Archie finds a taped PI session with him from Hayner’s files. Warrick is got arrested in case of murder and is interrogated by IAB officer, Wagenbach. Warrick claims that he doesn’t remember anything after Gedda’s call. Evidences are against him: Warrick’s handcuffs were holding Gedda, he’s covered with his blood and Gedda’s body is having bullets from Warrick’s gun. Even Warrick admits how damning the evidence is, but he sticks to his story that he can’t recall what happened.

csi ctv 06 CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

Ecklie is asked by Grissom to see the files for the case and Ecklie do agree to make copies for him. Warrick is being encouraged by Catherine. Hodges, Nick and Grissom find a clue indicating that someone could have been holding Warrick from behind and firing. Grissom discovers that handcuffs Gedda was bound with were three millimeter thicker than Warrick’s. Catherine finds chloroform in PI’s body which links his murder to Gedda’s. Finally, Grissom is able to identify fingerprints from one officer at both scenes, and on the coffin the PI’s body was found in: Daniel Pritchard.

320 csi mhelgenberger wpetersen 060913 rvoets cbs CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

Grissom tells CSI that Warrick is going to be freed. So, Warrick, a free man once again, takes the whole team to dive diner for breakfast. Episode was great, how brilliantly they planned each and every thing. Everyone was known that Warrick is innocent but it was so mysterious to see how he’ll be escaped. My best pick of the episode:

rb0001 CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

Grissom: Is that your gun?
Warrick: Yeah.
Grissom: Are those your cuffs?
Warrick: I guess so.
Grissom: We need to get you a lawyer.

photo 10473936 small CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

Blog CSI Two and a Half Deaths CSI season 8 finale For Gedda

How are you feeling now after watching, I mean reading the season finale.

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Watch your favorite CSI episodes online

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CSI has been the number one scripted series in the Neilsen ratings for 4 years running. CSI, a crime drama follows the activities of the detectives working at Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigations bureau. It’s the second busiest Crime Lab in America and the CSI officers use the latest techniques and cutting edge forensic tools to solve the cases and arrest the criminals.

csi ds Watch your favorite CSI episodes online

In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, criminals are confident that they will never be caught but they are proven wrong by the Detective Gill Grissom who led the PD’s night shift Crime Scene Investigation unit. He and his CSI team use scientific methods and technical skills to find valuable clues and to prove the truth and justice. Watch CSI episodes online here.

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Watch CSI Episode 2

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Download CSI Episodes

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Cast updates: Jorja on CSI’s mind

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Actress Jorja Fox signs on to reprise role in CSI premiere; Crusoe finds its castaways.

One of the more high-profile cast departures last year was Jorja Fox’s exit from the forensics hit CSI. The actress wanted to leave her cushy gig to pursue other interests, both professional and personal.

However, the option was left open for her to return for a few episodes, and it appears as if that is exactly what she is going to do. reports that Fox has signed on to appear in the ninth season premiere of CSI, which airs next fall. Details of her return remain under wraps, but she allegedly won’t be returning in a flashback.

NBC’s island-locked drama Crusoe has secured its cast, adding Sam Neill, Sean Bean, and Joss Ackland to the fall show, according to Variety. Neill recently starred in Showtime’s The Tudors as Cardinal Wolsey, Bean is well known as Boromir from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and 80-year-old Brit Joss Ackland appeared in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (as well as several other less-cool things).

Sci-Fi Channel has nabbed the excellent CCH Pounder for its supernatural drama Warehouse 13. Pounder, who played Detective Claudette Wyms in The Shield, will now be in charge of a secret government organization in Warehouse.

Elsewhere, The Hollywood Reporter says that Ron Perlman (Hellboy) will play the president of the motorcycle club that’s the center of FX’s new show Sons of Anarchy, and Eric Lively (brother of Gossip Girl‘s Blake), Tony Todd, and Gil Bellows have been cast in Fox’s 24 prequel telemovie.

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Download CSI TV Show

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csi Download CSI TV Show

CSI TV Show has been the number one scripted series in the Neilsen ratings for 4 years running. CSI, a crime drama follows the activities of the detectives working at Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigations bureau. It’s the second busiest Crime Lab in America and the CSI officers use the latest techniques and cutting edge forensic tools to solve the cases and arrest the criminals.

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