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CSI: Art Imitates Life

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Nothing was happy about “The Happy Place,” the last episode of CSI.  A woman about to get married leaped out of her apartment to a roaring bus, a woman is beaten blue by her formerly underage lover, and a man pulls the plug on her wife, who was a rape victim.  With “For Warrick” as precedent, however, this is quite easy to understand, as everyone is still predictably reeling from the death of Warrick (Gary Dourdan).

Another surprising (or not-so-surprising) thing that happened in this episode is Sara (Jorja Fox) validating her belief that, indeed, this CSI life was just too depressing for her.  She upped and left, somehow ending whatever it was she and Grissom (William Petersen) had – once again.  However, unlike the last time, there wasn’t so much as a ruckus when she left on this episode, not a letter, nothing, she just did.  Then again, Grissom himself has some eight episodes to go before he leaves so it’s unclear if it remotely matters.

On tonight’s episode of CSI called “Art Imitates Life,” a series of dead bodies are found in what it seems to be in the middle of their everyday activities, such as a woman who, while talking on her phone at the park falls dead – “without falling.”  According to Grissom, they seem to have died in their positions, so the team must determine what is causing them to remain upright even after death.  They suspect an artist who have people pose as dead for his pictures.

Other things happening in Vegas include the hiring of a new CSI, Riley Adams to be played by Lauren Lee Smith.  A counselor also comes in to help everyone who seems to still be reeling from Warrick’s death.

Don’t forget to catch “Art Imitates Life” tonight 9pm on CBS.  Here’s the promo.

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