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CSI – Crossover Details

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CBS is planning a “CSI” extravaganza for November sweeps — star Laurence Fishburne (Dr. Raymond Langston) will appear in all three scene-of-the-crime shows in one week, and the whole thing wraps up on the flagship “CSI” on Nov. 12. Mild spoilers about the episodes follow.

Langston will first visit “CSI: Miami” on Nov. 9; he travels south in an episode titled “Bone Voyage” to investigate a case with ties to Las Vegas. Fishburne and “CSI: Miami” star David Caruso are pictured at left; perhaps Langston and Horatio Caine are talking about cool sunglasses, which Langston is still sporting when he arrives in New York on Nov. 11 (Fishburne and “CSI: NY” star Gary Sinise are pictured at right).

In that “CSI: NY” episode, “Hammer Down,” according to CBS, “a big-rig accident results in the discovery of an interstate trucking ring that specializes in human cargo and black-market organ harvesting, and sets off a race against time to save a hostage.”

The three-part crossover concludes on Nov. 12 on “CSI.” In that episode, viewers will learn more about what Langston is investigating: “a nationwide human trafficking network that abducts young girls forces them into prostitution,” according to David Weddle, who penned the episode with his writing partner, Bradley Thompson.

Ubiquitious guest star Mark Sheppard, who played Romo Lampkin on “Battlestar Galactica” (a character who knew a thing or two about shades), has a guest role in that Nov. 12 “CSI” episode. Sheppard, who has a credit list as long as your arm and apparently by law must appear on every scripted show in existence, also appears on USA’s new show “White Collar” Oct. 23 and “Supernatural” on Nov. 19.

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