CSI Season 14: Paul Guilfoyle says goodbye as Jim Brass

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Ellie Brass (guest star Teal Redmann) causing trouble for her father, Capt. Jim Brass, has been a theme on “CSI” throughout the series. She was a troubled youth who graduated into a psychotic adult, getting mixed up in the Dante’s Inferno killings at the end of last season and beginning of this season, which culminated in Ellie killing her mother, Brass’ ex-wife Nancy. 

Therefore, it’s sadly fitting that Ellie’s problems are the way the show says goodbye to Brass in Paul Guilfoyle’s last episode, “Dead in His Tracks.” 

Ellie is due in court for her hearing regarding the part she played in the Dante’s Inferno slayings, but before she can stand trial, she tries unsuccessfully to kill herself, which both makes Brass feel bad and then feel worse because part of him hopes she never wakes up from her coma. 

Guilfoyle shows off his acting chops over the course of the episode, crying over Ellie and wondering how they got to this point. When she wakes up, Brass says he’s there for her, but she says it’s not his fault, because there’s something wrong with her. But she asks him to stay with her and they go on to have a long talk, the first they’ve had in many years. 

However, the show then ends rather abruptly with Brass telling DB how happy he is to have finally connected with Ellie and saying that he has some things to figure out. Perhaps that means the Season 15 premiere will feature some exposition saying Brass retired to spend more time with his daughter? It’s unclear, but it was a very weird ending. 

Executive producer Don McGill tells TV Guide, “We reached a place, creatively, where it was time to say goodbye to Brass, but that doesn’t mean we won’t want Paul to return in some capacity in the future.” 

Maybe Guilfoyle will get a proper send-off in the Season 15 premiere. It would be a shame if his exit from the “CSI” crew happens off-screen, as he is one of the original team members. 

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