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Sara Sidle

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090908 0938 sarasidle1 Sara Sidle

CSI Level : III
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 107 lbs
Place of Birth: Tamales Bay, California
Date of Birth: 9/16/71
Education: B.S. in Physics, Harvard
Special Skills: Materials and element analysis
Marital Status: Single

Attended graduate school in theoretical physics. Worked in the San Francisco coroner’s office for five years, then transferred to the San Francisco crime lab before being contracted by Gil Grissom to come to Las Vegas.

Sara was born and raised an hour and a half outside of San Francisco on Tamales Bay. An only child of ex-hippies running a B and B, Sara always needed a bigger stage. Everything about her as a child was outsized. Her intelligence, her energy, her curiosity. And unlike her parents, Sara always maintained perfect self-discipline. Growing up, the roles were reversed for Sara and her parents. They kept telling her to take it easy, and she kept coming up with business models for how they could take their B and B public and then franchise the brand. Sara was pretty much all or nothing in high school, and as talented as she was, grace didn’t come with the package. The other kids resented her, and she did nothing to ease the resentment. Sara was a perfect example of why great athletes make rotten coaches. Things come so easy to them, they can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t perform to their level. At eighteen, Sara found a place where she could be at home. She went to Harvard and enjoyed four of the best years of her life. She took as many classes as she could. She went to as many parties as she could. And she finally dated. Not well, but at least she tried. Like any tragic figure worth their salt, Sara has a single flaw: people. She can solve any problem except for the problem of other people and how she’s supposed to relate to them. So she hides in the job. She pursues her career rigorously, perhaps more so than any of the other CSIs. Partly because she’s still rebelling against her parents’ “lax” approach to social obligations, and partly because she’s afraid of what she’d find out about herself if she ever slowed down.

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