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Who Will Die on CSI?

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Death is coming to the CSI season finale.

The first part of this episode airs tomorrow night, but a TV Guide reader can’t even wait until then to ask the question on many of our minds:

How many of the CSIs will be actually be in danger?

051210 1802 WhoWillDieo1 Who Will Die on CSI?

According to Carol Mendelsohn, one of them will be gunned down by Dr. Jekyll about halfway through the finale. But there’s also a “super-secret twist,” TV Guide reveals:

“One or more of our CSIs will fall victim to one or more of our serial killers,” she says.

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The Dick and Jane Killer Returns to ‘CSI’

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Looks like Langston is getting a familiar face to help him find Dr. Jekyll on CSI–and no, it’s not Grissom.

041610 1029 TheDickandJ1 The Dick and Jane Killer Returns to CSI

Entertainment Weekly reports that Bill Irwin is returning to the last two episodes of CSI‘s current season as Nate Haskell, also known as the Dick and Jane Killer. You probably remember him last season, in the two episodes that saw the departure of William Petersen’s Grissom and the entry of Laurence Fishburne’s Langston.

Why Nate, you ask? “[He] knows who Dr. Jekyll is, which is kind of interesting since he’s been in prison for the last 11 years,” executive producer Carol Mendelsohn said. “The season finale is all about what it will take to get him to give them a name.”

The finale, which will air on May 20, will build to a violent confrontation with Dr. Jekyll, and Mendelsohn vows that “blood will be spilled–and it will belong to more than one CSI.”

And I heard that the season finale will (spoiler alert!) end in a cliffhanger, so maybe we won’t know which CSI’s blood will spill…

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CSI Season 10 Episode 10 Better Off Dead

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On Thursday, December 17, the CSI agents will have to deal with a shoot out at a gun store and the alleged suicide of a young woman. The two cases might connect to one another and the key lays on the so-called “man in the red shirt.” The upcoming “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation“, which is the 10.10, is titled “Better Off Dead”.

121209 0931 CSISeason101 CSI Season 10 Episode 10 Better Off Dead

Crime drama television series “CSI” was premiered on CBS on October 6, 2000. It stars the likes of Marg Helgenberger, Laurence Fishburne, George Eads, Paul Guilfoyle, and Eric Szmanda among the main characters.

Most recently, it was reported that “CSI” will have Grammy winning-country band Rascal Flatts guest starring as themselves in an episode called “Unshockable” airing “sometime next year”. The episode is said to be “a riff off [the group’s] hit album, tour and song”.

The series’ executive producer Carol Mendelsohn has previously stated, “One of the guys – and tear out my fingernails, but I won’t say who – will become the victim of a crime. The other two ‘Rascals’ will be suspects… thus, jeopardizing the future of the band.” No confirmation has been made just yet if the band would perform.

Also watch any CSI episode that you want here.

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