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Upcoming episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Soon your favorite television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Season 11
is coming to an end.

Season 11 premiered first CSI episode on 23rd Sep 2010 and the finale episode will be aired on 12th May 2011. The finale CSI episode is titled “In a Dark, dark house”. Hope the story is action and adventure filled as the title suggests. The plot has not been revealed yet, so better watch “CSI: Crime scene Investigation” online to catch the finale.

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CSI episodes are full of drama, action and adventure as it revolves around the story of a forensic investigator group headed by strong and clever, Catherine Willow played by Marg Helgenberger. The team consists of various other members comprising of Langston, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, David Phillips and David Hodges.

In the last CSI episode which was aired on 7th April 2011, viewers saw Sara and Langston seek help from Grissom’s friend to solve a case related to a woman’s death. And Nick and Dr.Robin successfully rescue the unborn child of a teenager who attempts suicide.

The upcoming episode of CSI, titled “Father of the bride” is based on the storyline that Nate Haskell, who killed Dick and Jane, sends a video through email to father of one of his brides. The email disturbs the father as it consists of a threat, that Haskell would end his daughter’s life. Do not miss the excitement and watch this CSI episode online.

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